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Ok, so exercising with your cat may require a little imagination. But the benefits for your feline friend are well worth the effort!

Why Should Your Cat Exercise?

Depending on your cat’s age, weight, personality and individual triggers, you may find just setting an area with some toys and a scratching post may do the trick. Some cats, however, prefer to have you involved in the fun. Any activity at all is good for our pets, helping them to maintain a healthy body weight, toned muscles, and an alert mind, as well as strengthening that special owner/ pet bond.

How Much Time Should Your Cat Exercise?

Just 10-15 minutes engaging a few times each day is ideal, although even once a day can be beneficial. Younger cats will normally seek you out to play or they will find their own entertainment. They have lots of energy and will probably want you to play all day. For the older and overweight cat encouraging them to move is a little harder. A shorter playtime will still bring benefits. This group may only play for a few minutes until they build up endurance or you find something that they really enjoy.


Exercise Ideas that Might Help:

  • Cats are natural hunters – small furry mice (wound-up or motorized) will tweak the attention of even the most inactive kitties.

  • Movements with feathers or mock mice on the end of a stick will cause some excitement.

  • Wriggling ribbon or yarn across the ground in front of your cat’s feet just out of reach will entice some. 

  • Laser or torch lights are very popular as they resemble the movement of bugs. Ensure the laser is low, and not pointed high on the wall otherwise kitty may do some redecorating for you. Also, make sure that you never shine the light in your cat’s eye as it can cause damage.

  • Cats love boxes to explore, crumpled paper to hit across the room and toilet roll holders to play with. All great and inexpensive toys.

  • What a great way to save the couch. A scratching post can entice your cat to climb, receive incidental exercise and fulfil their need to wear down their claws. Hang some toys off the scratching post to add further excitement. If you have the room, try setting up a kitty obstacle course, so they can jump from one point to another.


If you need any help or further information feel free to talk to any of our team or book in for a complimentary Morningside Munchers appointment. 

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