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Morningside Munchers

What is Morningside munchers?

As a valued client we want to ensure that your pet is in peak physical condition and offer options to assist in the achievement and maintenance of this. This Healthy Weight Check is a complimentary evaluation of your pet’s body weight and fitness condition. Our nursing team can provide advice on healthy age appropriate food options, ideas for increasing exercise for your pet and healthy treats.

How Do I Book In?

Just call the clinic and we will organize a suitable time. Weight assessment usually requires 30 minute nurse consults to ensure all questions are answered, and a good plan of action with ideal goals are set.

Who Do I See for The Healthy Weight Check?


A member of our qualified nursing team will talk to you about your pet’s current body condition, diet and exercise regime. They will then give you further recommendations as needed to ensure your pet is enjoying a healthy life. Our nurses have a wealth of experience so can answer your questions and give you some great tips.

Is There a Cost Involved?

There is no cost involved, just call the clinic on 3399 7055  to book a time. Our nursing team is passionate about helping keep your pet healthy.

Can I Visit Again to See How We Are Progressing?

Absolutely, we encourage you to keep in touch and make a time to come back whenever you need them. We can also set up text reminders for you. Tracking your success is the key and getting some new ideas or strategies will help your pet reach their health and fitness goals sooner.

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